Today's Medical Developments Marketing Solutions

In addition to a regular print magazine issue which is also delivered as a digital edition and available as an app, Today's Medical Developments produces e-newsletters, hosts webinars, and offers cutting-edge conferences at major trade shows and events. We have a newly redesigned, mobile-friendly website with run of site advertising, home page takeover ads, and new this year: category advertising allowing your ad to be linked to content that pertains to your product.

Other unique Marketing Solutions include:

Product Preview E-Newsletters Product Preview - Increase awareness of your product offerings with this high-profile eNewsletter. Each Product Preview includes a full-color photo of your machinery or brochure, up to 75 words of descriptive text, a link to your website, and a link to a contact email address. Space in each Product Preview is limited to 10 advertising spots.

Video Newsletter Five Things You Need to Know – Own a section in the magazine where your company highlights five critical points on any topic. The content will be featured next to your full-page ad for maximum impact. It will also be sent out via a custom eblast and have prominent placement on our homepage. One per issue, topic exclusive.

Product Preview E-NewslettersCorporate Spotlight - This two-page advertorial spread is laid out with copy and images you supply. Your company name is highlighted as that month's Corporate Spotlight sponsor on the table of contents in the front of the magazine. A “Text Ad” component on our eNewsletter is sent at the end of the month and the advertorial is hosted online, separate from the issue.

Product Preview E-NewslettersWomen to Watch - NEW! This special March supplement is your chance to highlight a stand-out female within your organization who is making a difference in the manufacutring world. Your spread includes details about the Women to Watch displayed directly across from your full-page print ad.

Product Preview E-NewslettersFaces of Manufacturing - An exclusive supplement in our June issues, and your opportunity to stand out in your specific market segment by highlighting someone within your organization who provides the highest quality service or products to support your customers. This high-profile position includes a full-page with a photo, write up of this individual, and what their objectives are for your company and customers, which will be displayed directly across from your full-page ad.

Product Preview E-NewslettersWebinar Series Sponsor - As one of our exclusive Webinar Series Sponsors, you will receive year-long visibility in all media promoting our ongoing webinar and roundtable events, including a monthly print ad, online, and in all digital advertising. Sponsorship of the series is limited to 2 sponsors for the entire year and is available on a first come, first served basis.

Product Preview E-NewslettersIndustry Outlook Sponsorship - Position your company as an authority in the industry by sponsoring our annual Industry Outlook issue. In addition to a personalized message within the issue and logo recognition, the sponsor of this premier issue receives extended reach in our Industry Outlook webinar.

Product Preview E-NewslettersAsk the Expert - Own a spread in the magazine where you are featured as the expert. Our editors will conduct an interview tailored to your specific area of expertise. The content will be featured next to a full-page ad, giving you a spread dedicated to your company and knowledge. One per issue, category exclusive.

Product Preview E-NewslettersDigital Edition Video Highlights - Expand your digital message and brand awareness when you become the exclusive sponsor of the Digital Edition Video Highlights. This narrated preview of editorial in the upcoming issue is branded with your company logo, message, and call to action. The video is emailed to digital edition subscribers.

Product Preview E-NewslettersSales Prospector - Using intuitive marketing automation, we can deliver your content or specified ad message in print and digital to a tailored audience. We will work with you to develop a custom campaign that allows you to hone in on your most promising prospects entirely based on their response to your messaging.

Product Preview E-NewslettersDesign & Automation Update - New! Heighten your presence to the automation segment of the industry by securing a spot in this bi-monthly eNewsletter that includes our editor’s picks for the latest news, insights, and developments in automation.

Product Preview E-NewslettersWebinars - A custom-tailored webinar featuring you and your products designed to educate buyers about your products and your company.

Product Preview E-NewslettersCustom eBlast - Share your news release or major announcement with our audience of medical device manufacturing professionals - target up to 5,000 people per blast in a message designed for you.

Product Preview E-NewslettersVideo Spotlight - Keep your company top of mind with this unique video eBlast. We distribute your message to a targeted audience and host the video on our website.

Profit Boosters - New! This special supplement in our December issues will focus on how your company and products can help engineers and manufacturers boost productivity and profits in 2022. Own a one-page advertorial to tell your value proposition. Profit Boosters will also be distributed as a dedicated eBlast.

Content Syndication - Available by a monthly subscription, this marketing tool republishes your content on our frequently visited websites giving you maximum industry exposure and assuring your content reaches the audience you are targeting. This will not only increase your reach and brand awareness; it'll help drive traffic to your site by building links to your content.
This special section consists of your content – automatically pulled to our site via RSS feed – which can be supplemented with any of our own content regarding your company, products, or technology. Materials can include: videos, white papers, advertorials, company and people news items, new product releases, and complete company profiles.

Social Media Package - Looking to strategically reach your target audience via our social media channels? Choose one of the tiered social media packages to add even more reach to your campaign. Our social media specialist will curate custom content, coordinate creative, and provide reporting and analytics.

Target Market Intelligence (TMI)™ –This game-changing market intelligence tool is a must for those businesses that wish to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment. TMI™ is based on three key elements: dynamic software, meticulous data management, and proprietary information of 20,000 customers and prospects in the aerospace industry. Features and benefits include: Instant online access; Detailed market analysis; Rapid identification of new business opportunities; Access to thousands of new customers and prospects; Easy cross-reference of your customer data with the TMI™ database.
Intelligent Content Marketing – In today’s multi-channel media world, it is harder than ever to reach the right audience to tell your story. Aerospace Manufacturing and Design is paving the way with the introduction of Intelligent Content Marketing. We enable you to create a unique marketing campaign with our audience once they begin to show interest in your area of expertise. Using intuitive marketing automation, we can deliver custom content or a specified ad message to a custom-tailored target audience. Intelligent Content Marketing takes lead nurturing and retargeting to a new level.
  • Target advertising to people based on the type of content they read
  • Target unknown users based on what their anonymous profile looks like (behavior on the internet)
  • Amplify your messaging to the broader internet based on how much they look like your current “magazine” target audience

Leverage the power of our brand and Intelligent Content Marketing for maximum results.

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